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Hood Scoops


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*This is pretty much a rant*


Every time I see people with non-functioning hood scoops it makes me want to smack them up side their head, and I'm sure most of you car guys will agree...

I look at them and say WOW that is useless...

Even if it looks "somewhat" okay I still think its idiotic...


It may give you a custom "look" as some people say, but to me its about as custom as slapping a sticker onto your vehicle!


And another thing, if you MUST apply a stick-on hood scoop to your car AT LEAST make it appropriate for your vehicle!!




Who in there right mind thinks a stinger style scoop looks even remotely good on that car?

Even on a modified compact it just look queer...





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I agree with you guys, I think that you should only do upgrades to your vehicle that will benefit you, however there are a few exceptions...like the rims, they are somewhat beneficial, but not much, they just look good...putting a system in the car, that benefits you if thats the way you like to listen to the music...but if you do spend the money for those things, you should either already have some performance upgrades or have plans for them...


Yes the fake "hood scoops" (can they even be called a hood scoop?) are totally insane, i see no point in getting them on any car, unless it comes stock. Why waste your money on that if it does nothing for you and just looks rediculous (bad spelling)

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or add a real sploiler

Spoilers are only effective at high speeds that a four banger can barely reach...AND most of these "tuners" are front wheel drive, so a rear spoiler would actually work against the car at high speed. sigh... :shakes head:

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