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Tech Support For Mmorpgs


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Geez, this topic sucks. Most of the mmos ive played have the worst tech support ever, even beating dell. If they even have a tech support *cough*phantasy star online* I recently signed up for FF11 and about a month after my free period my first problem arises. I log into the game to find that my char is missing. So i bring up the tech support page, and they do NOT have a 1-800 line. I was like what the crap!! So i go to the next best thing, chat support. So i wait 45 minutes to talk to some guy about my char that is missing. He says, Im sorry sir but please refer to article 4.4, we are not responsible for any information that is lost in game updates. I was one pissed of person. I talked to the guy for another hour or so and finally he logs off after im done raving. Sooooo, i know EQ had a somewhat better tech support than this one. Not sure about WoW or anything else. Are all tech supports this annoying. To me it seems that since im paying for their service they should at least offer a free toll line. *sigh* <_<

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