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Dsl Modem Suggestions

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I'm needing suggestions for a good DSL modem. I'll be moving in the next two weeks to southern Alabama (Monroeville) , and my DSL provider will be frontiernet. I don't need anything fancy (just an RJ45 jack), no router functions, etc... That part's covered. I just need something reliable and fast. No one at frontiernet has been able to give me a speed estimation, just "one meg plus, depending on how far you are from the switch/hub". This might mean that I'll be cruising along at 1mbps, or 10mbps, so I'd like something that will be able to handle higher speeds, just in case.


Thanks in advance for the help. :)


EDIT: Just found out, the modem they offer for a dollar or two a month is a Siemens 6520, which appears to be a full-featured wireless router. I won't be using it for anything other than a modem/gateway, as I already have a switch and wireless router in my currenty network.

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