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Patching Games

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First of all - Need For Speed: Carbon had a couple of bugs here and there, so I decided to d/l the patch (1.3)

When I ran it - a DOS window appeared and then close a few seconds later :(

I just put up with the games bugs.


Today - I just d/l CoD2 1.5 Patch, I ran it...

A DOS window appeared then closed again a few seconds later...now something has gone wrong here


Any help would be appretiated,




PC Specs:

AMD XP 2600+ @ 2150Mhz

1.5GB DDR PC3200 (1GB + 512MB)

ATi x800XL 256MB (AGP)

A7N8X Mobo

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Try going to the command line and launching the patch from there. These patches were downloaded from the vendor right? and not some other 3rd party place that could have tampered files?

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Well... I did download them from many places - but i got no spyware (iam not stupid enough to do that :P)


I fixed it anyway - NFS Carbon UK patch had some problems when released, many people tried the All Regon patch - worked a treat :)


I found out that when you install the new patch for CoD2 you can only play with the servers with the exact same patch. All the servers I have played on use v1.0 so I will not patch my game!


Now lets complete NFS:C :P

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