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Wishing Everyone A Safe Holiday


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As I sit here tonight writing a message to all of my friends and the few who are "family" at OCC, deep in the back of my mind is our men and women overseas, the brave heroes who have given up their own life to grant us freedoms, and the spirit of our country's forefathers on their very first Christmas in the United States of America. Even further back, is the memory of responding to a fire that claimed five innocent people last year just before Christmas...


Just hours ago I responded to not one, two, or three, but seven car accidents. Holiday travelers going to see family, friends, spouses, or other acquaintances that did not get the opportunity to continue on with their travels. With each incident wrapping up, we'd return to the bay and be requested to respond to another. To finish out the night, we had two pin-jobs, a rollover, and four minuscule motor vehicle crashes that ended with only property damaged. As the roads freeze from the rain we have received today, I'm stuck wondering when the familiar beeping of my pager will alert me to another emergency in someones life.


Please take it easy when you are traveling on Christmas Eve, and on Christmas day. Relax, slow down, and let the holiday spirit bring you to your destination. Cherish the time you have with your friends, family and loved ones. Please say a prayer for all service men and women overseas that are helping protect the nation we live in, as well as for the heroes lost on world shattering events like Pearl Harbor, 9/11 and the Tsunami that rocked life overseas.


Merry Christmas to all, and stay safe during the holidays. :)

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