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93-94 Camaro

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I'm about to finally pick up a 95 Trans Am M6 here within the week! Woot

You will LOVE the LT1 - they dont drive quite like anything else out there(~340ft lbs at 2400rpm anyone?). Hope you are handy with basic tools though, they tend to be a bit...bipolar :lol:


Any questions at all you run into just hit me up through PM, I've basically been through it all with these engines :)


Grats, but drive safe!

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Well I can tell you based on my experience in my brother's Camaro:


They're a PAIN to work on. They're not set up for the average Redneck Joe who wants to do everything in an hour. Large engine, small space.

Noisy. Very noisy. And if you're driving in rain, there's a good chance that you may hydroplane if you're a new driver. Wait, I take that back. YOU WILL HYDROPLANE ON THAT CAR IF YOU'RE A NEW DRIVER!


Fast though, like Puck said. However, you shouldn't be getting one as your first car for many reasons. Biggest one is the crappy fuel economy. My Caprice Classic gets the equivalent of their mileage. Other is the speed and torque. You can squeal the tires going up a steep hill if you drop the pedal down. And since you're a new driver, you'll want to do it, and will.


And of course insurance... if they will even think about insuring you.



Does this mean you shouldn't get one? No, it doesn't. Just wanted to let you know.

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