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Occ Raid Guide

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Basic Raid0 With 5 ssd sata2 on Asus p8p67 pro motherboard

The speed is fantastic over 1210mb\s :woot:

It work with 6 SSD in raid 0 for more extreme speeds up to 1400mb\S with the onboard sata chip


i got a new batterybackup write cache of 512mb ,hardware raidkontroller with 8 of 300mb\s lanes that gives me around 2gb\s,, but 1600-1800mb\s would be more acurat

Can add pictures and info later of the controllersystem when it finisch :haha::doh:



Lol, careful with doing all those transfers on a P67 Rev 2 board. ;)


Damn, those are fast speeds. :thumbsup:

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