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Name That Car!

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If it's not a Porsche, it's got to be a kit car based on one. It's nearly identical.

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Not a kit car, most people call them coach built. Other car makers like Rometsch made their cars the same way.

It looks like no one will get it so I'll give it away. It's a 1954 Dannenhauser & Stauss.

I'll let someone else post the next one.


Shortly after WW2 Dannenhauer & Stauss set up their car karosserie in Stuttgart. Dannenhauer had work for Reuters and had worked on the bodies for the 1937 Volkswagen prototypes. Using the Beetle's floorpan chassis a hand-built wooden-framed metal-bodied car was constructed. The doors, engine lid and bonnet were the only pressed panels.


In streamlining the body the door hinges were hidden and also arranged in the suicide fashion. Trim was minimal to reduce air resistance. The early cars had a split windscreen but this was replaced by 1953 with a single windscreen along with the car being made longer at both ends.


The seating position was much lower than the Beetle and required custom seats and runners to be fabricated. The rear seat, as in most 2+2's was simply a padded board. The folding roof was of top quality, padded and well lined and also featured a plastic rear window.


The Dannenhauer & Strauss used the standard Beetle engine so many owners added the Okrasa kits or supercharged the engine to match its performance to its sporty design.

Between 80 to 135 cars were built between 1951 and 1957, and fewer than 20 survive today.

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