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Name That Car!

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A lot of you seem to be into cars/trucks so I figured we could play a game...




So pretty much the rules are:


1.You may edit the picture to conceal any badges/graphics that specifically say the name of the car, including the car logos

2. Post the vehicle

2. Only post vehicles from 1945 and up, most of us know more modern cars

4. Keep discussion to a minimum (OP may give a backstory, however I don't care if your grandfather had such and such car, so don't interrupt the game without a guess)

5. If you guess the correct vehicle it is then your turn to post one

6. Keep it easy (try to keep them production cars only)

7. This is an equal opportunity game, you should strive to give the vehicularly challenged an equal opportunity to play this game :huh:

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OHHH! Chevy Impala!!!!



And Makaveli it was still my turn, and btw thats a nice Nissan 300ZX...


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