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Black Friday Monitors


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Hey guys, I've been lurking for a while now but needed to resurface for some suggestions! Alright, so my monitor flipped out on me a while ago during a gaming session and felt the wrath of me... needless to say that nice 19" CRT monitor no longer works and I'm stuck with a 15" Compaq piece of... ok well... on to the matter at hand.


I've been browsing the Black Friday Sales and saw that Best Buy has the Samsung 931BW going for $129.99, a great monitor that I was already considering before the sale price, however I did see in the same ads that they have a Westinghouse 22" LCD Display for only $199.99. Now, that seems like a big size difference for a small price difference, but I may be wrong... I'm a little hesitant because I haven't heard much about this brand and I'm not sure about the individual models themselves, so what do you guys think?


Oh and on a sidenote... anyone know what time I'd have to get to these stores in order to make sure I get these prices? I'm in Southern California and I'll probably heading to Murrieta or San Bernardino, just in case anyone's in the area and wants to camp out! Thanks! :D

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