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spread spectrums are evil, and only swedish people need it in corporate environments to pass emi regulations or something retarded...


ill give it a shot on my pci-e slots heh

what are spread spectrums anyway?

hey man, I wish I had that rig! thats KILLER! the case looks MAD cool! I am SO jealous!

btw, be sure to get folding on that thing! 2 instances if not 4 with HT! :foldon:

it is supposed to reduce the amount of EMI emitting from your computer. it can distort radio signals and sometimes other signals thats uses for emergencies. however, leaving them on can sometimes limit your o/c ability and perhaps stability. put a cell phone near a crt and see what happens, the emi from the cell phone will make some distortions on the screen since the cell phone doesnt have a spread spectrum i think.

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All Ive got to say is "OMFG" and "what the heck"!!


Words can't even describe, "jealous" just doesn't cut it...

Flippin right!!

Jesus, your PC is 100X better than mine...


*On a side note, ill buy your old PC for $100*

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