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The Perfect Day!


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I went to the nvidia Reality Tour 2006 today at the Dallas location. I hadn't won anything so I spent the whole day hanging out and became friends with all the nvidia employees and most of the gamers there. At the very end, they had a surprise BF2142 tournament and announced that the 1st and 2nd place winners would get to keep the dream rigs that they had been showing off. Guess what...I WON :D . Everyone was rooting for me during the finals and then when I won they all cheered and I shook hands with like 20 people lol. But the best part: I got a new rig! It's got a 1000watt psu, X6800 extreme Conroe cpu, 8800GTX gfx card, an nvidia nforce 680i SLI motherboard, 2GB Corsair mem, custom nvidia CM stacker 830 case, and other stuff (I haven't opened it up yet). I guess I need to learn about intel overclocking lol. :D


I'll try to post some pictures tommorrow. B:)

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