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Best Choice Agp Graphics Card

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This is not a duplicate thread. I know there are a lot of AGP upgrade threads out there but mine is about choosing a particular graphics card that will go well with MY system specs. I will provide a list of video cards available to me and let you choose the best one. I am also interested in getting the most bang for my buck, so to speak, so be carefull not to recomend a video card that offers only marginal performance but at hgher cost.


I am looking to spend 100-200 $, although 150 $ would be optimal. That is how much i currently have at my disposal. I could spend up to 250 $ but that is as far as i'm willing to go. Furthermore I would have to save some more money to buy a 250$ video card. If you can recomend a better card then those I have found please do so but remember these factors:


1. Local prices are about 15% higher then on newegg.

2. I might not be able to locate that particular video card.

3. I am looking for advice on the video cards listed below, yet I am open to suggestions. Please do not swamp me with a list of video cards unavalable to me.

4. Remember that I am on a buget. The x1950 might be a great card but I can't afford it.


I'll leave this post incomplete for now. Please do not reply until I post my list of available video cards.


Part 2: My list.


I will base all my asumptions on graphics card performance on the interactive video card chart to be found at http://www23.tomshardware.com/graphics.htm...0&chart=231


Ati cards:


I am somewhat dissapointed by the performance offered by AGP ATI cards in this price range, at least when compared to nVidia cards. x1600 cards just don't match up to nVidia 7600 GS. At least in theory. In practice I am still to witness a 7600GS in action but I am still flubergasted by an x1400's performance (or at least rendering quality). At the moment I have been able to locate the following ATI AGP video cards:


Saphire x1600pro:


512 mb version




it will cost me 144$


256 MB version




it will cost me 130$



Although recomended as an excellent video card as of yet I have been unable to locate a AGP x850.



Although nVidia graphics cards in this price range score more in benchmarks than ATI image quality is still a concern for me. FPS is important but so is picture quality. Yet there are more nVidia AGP models available on the market:


7600 GS series:


it will cost me 140$










retailing at 140$, to me it seems weaker than the Leadtek 7600



(I think I might have mixed up the XFX and Leadtek links)



the following cards are available in a store 300 miles from where I live so I wouldn't buy them unless they offer a significant boost in performance.


BGF Tech:




this video card retails at ~180$




Gainward BLISS 7600GS AGP 256 DT same price as Leadtek 7600GS


Gainward BLISS 7600GT AGP costing ~220$


The 7600GT is the top of the line for me and is unavailable in my home town/city/whatever. I was unable to find any gainward graphics cards on newegg.


There is another alternative to the Gainward 7600GT in the form of a Leatdek 7600GT, available in a store near me retailing at ~240$. I was unable to find this video card on newegg but the gpu/gdrm frequency are the same in both the Gainward and Leadtek.


This is about it for now.



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This http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814102606

or this will do http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814150200 but I would go with the X850 Pro with the 256 bit memory, the X1600 series arnt worth it.

Edit: I wouldnt spend over $200 for a AGP video card it just isnt worth it IMHO

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I agree with Reddragon about not spending alot on an AGP card, due to the fact that the new thing is PCIE, which is something to consider, if you have the money to upgrade the system

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My AGP card will mostly see action in M2TW (Medieval 2 Total War) so any graphics card that is able to run th game on high would do.


The x850 looks like a good upgrade, even more so due to the flashing option but given that i'm still unable to locate an x850 is think i'll go with either the 7600GS or 7600GT.

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Unfortunately it doesn't seem I'll be able to get the 7600GT. dang. My rig needs a new PSU (I had to remove all my PCI cards in order for it to boot properly) dang!!


I'll have to narrow down my video card list to just 3. All the following cards have 256 MB GDDRAM and are similarely priced:


Leadtek, Gainward or Asus 7600 GS 128 bit




Asus N7600GS-HTD-256M http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814121020 (this kinda sucks now that I think of it)


Leadtek WinFast A7600 GS TDH 400 Mhz Gpu, 700 Mhz GDDR2 but comes with decent cooling and a very tempting game bundle. Same price as x1650 Pro Platinum


Gainward VGWA76GS


BLISS 7600GS AGP 256 DT, GF7600GS AGP, 256 MB GDDR2 2.8ns, 800 MHz, 128bit, DVI costs 10$ less than the Leadtek but has no bundle and the cooler looks kinda underpowered





HIS x1650 Pro Platinum 128 bit 600 Mhz Gpu, 800 Mhz GDDR2




The fan looks uber cool but I am kinda worried by al those install problems.


Daytona x800 Gto 256 bit, GDDR3 - all other specs unknown.


I dunno about the x800 Gto but I think the x1650 will blow the 7600 GS out of the water 9not to mention the mithical ATI superior picture quality). Please advise.


Out of these the Daytona 800 Gto is the most expensive with the Asus 7600 GS being the cheapest but by only ~20$.



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