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Random Disconnections

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I'm having problems with the Marvell Yukon 88E8001/8003/8010 PCI Gigabit Ethernet Controller NIC. I get random disconnects every 10 minutes until i restart computer, after i restart it ranges from 30mins and up.


Computer Specs

AMD X2 3800 (default)

X1800XT (default)

Asus A8R MVP

Onboard NIC Marvell Yukon 88E8001/8003/8010 PCI Gigabit Ethernet Controller

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition sp2

Broadband Road Runner 5000kb/500kb(DL/UL)

Driver Version :


I google'd this and i have found many people that have the same problem.


I just went to Device Manager and turned off power management for this NIC, ill report back if its fixed.



Still does it.

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Does your motherboard have 2 LAN connections??


One of my house mates has a DFi Lanparty which has the same LAN card as you have on it, and it also has an nVidia one.


With the Marvell Yukon, he had problems getting it to even show up in network connections, let alone connect and get an IP.


He just switched to the other port and forgot about the Marvell.


No problems. :)

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hi all, i have marvell yukon aswell. i have never been able to ue the ethernet cable from my ntl modem and had to opt for usb but now i have 10mg broadband i really want to get it sorted.

windows xp pro 64... i have a yukon marvell 8001 chipset, I have updated marvell drivers and when it says requiring connection etc it just closes and says connection failed, little green light is on next to ethernet connector on motherboard, modem light flashes saying ethernet is plugged in. i have a DFI Lan party ut Nf4 sli-d Mobo nvidia nforce networking controller.. tried drivers yk60x64 yk60x84/86 cant get it to work any tips would be helpful..

in network connections i have ...

local area network 11 connected firewalled NVIDIA nforce networking controller

1394 Connection Connected, firewalled 1394 Net Adapter

Local Area Connection 9 Marvell Yukon 88e8001/8003/8010 pci gigabit network cable unplugged firewalled i try to disable then enable thinking/hoping it might reset itself but nothing, says requestion ip etc.. now if i take the ethernet out of the ntl modem, it recognises it so i know ethernet cable is ok i think


any tips plz? or how did u go about fixing urs plzzzz



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