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Occ Wah?

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i take it your absence involved watching several series of Gilmore Girls huh? :lol:

Oh, you have no idea!!! :lol:


Actually, there was a time where a bunch of people changed their avatars (most of which had an odd resemblance to hardnrg's :huh: ). The rest of the people actually got annoyed at the changes. Heck, there was even a poll about it somewhere, though it was probably lost in the crash.


Anyway, ever since then, most people have kept the same ones (though probably more out of fear of community backlash than anything else :P )


I guess I came along when you were on your way out, so I haven't had much of a chance to get to know you well, though I've heard a great many things about you. I look forward to political debates if you're still into that sort of thing. If not, then just a simple Welcome Back should suffice :thumbs-up:

Thanks man, yeah I use to have quite the reputation around here as a political pundit. That was mainly around the '04 election though. In the two years since, I have, let's say, cooled off a bit. I no longer really care what other people believe, or try to convince them otherwise. I use to be all gung ho about debating with people and stuff, but now, I just don't have the time :( Anyway, I know what you're talking about with the avatars, I came to know some people from their avatar alone and not so much their name. What a world we live in huh? :D

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