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Bypassing Kinyo K-100 Amp

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I'm getting a terrible hiss from my headphones due to my roommates new Nextel phone interferring with the cheapo amp that came with the above mentioned headphones. I know in order to bypass the amp I will need a Female 9 pin DIN connector. Where I am having problems is how do I connect the three 3.5mm jacks to the DIN connection? Is there a special type of DIN I need or is there a single wire that plugs into the back of that, and it has the 3 connections?


If someone can show me a link or picture of what I need that would be awesome. I tried google, but maybe I am not using the correct search parameters.

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the 9-pin mini din PINOUT could be anything... it's not like there's a standard 5.1 pinout for headphones...


you'd need:


3x 3.5mm stereo jacks

1x 9-pin mini Din female

1m x 6-core overall shielded signal cable

(a lot) x patience


there should be the following pins


front left

front right

centre (left)

centre (right)

rear left

rear right

sub (left)

sub (right)


note that the centre and sub channels are duplicated in each ear...


then you'd have to trial n error by connecting the ground from a 3.5mm jack to the mini din socket ground... and play some music from an mp3 player or something and touch one of the signal wires on one pin at a time to see what they are!


does kinyo not offer this direct cable already?

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They came with every cable in the world except the DIN to 3.5mm cable. It does have a Female DIN to a single 3.5mm output, but then I lose the 5.1 ability.

The DIN layout is:


- The bottom row is 2 pins used for grounding (negative charge).

- The 2nd row up, starting from the left, is: Back Left, Front Right, Front Left, Center.

- The top row, starting from the left and going right, is: Unused, Center, Back Right.


If I understand you correctly I would have to make the type of cable I am looking for?

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if it doesn't exist, then yes, lol, you'd have to make your own... the 9-pin mini din would be the hardest thing to get, but not impossible... you have a few really good component places in the US... the rest is really easy to get hold of... some heatshrink, solder, and a soldering iron would also come into play

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