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Hey ya'll.. tradigy hit..

My TV Broked.. lol..


I may have to use my TV card im selling.. Oh well no one wants it..


Ive been playing Nintendo Latley.. and on the TV Card I have a VID RCA jack.. If I put like.. Video Out from my nintendo on to that.. would it work?


and how would I go about doing  it on a video card.. would I need.. Like a Vid card with a TV out.. or TV In? or.. what?


1 more thing..

For sound..

Could I make an RCA cable for the sound from the nintendo.. and put it in the Line IN on my sound card.. or any Ideas on that for sound??

thanks. a ton..


oh and when i say nintendo.. I mean 8bit.. lol..

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Sounds like it'd work to me...

If it were Dreamcast I would've said

to get the cord that hooks up to your monitor

(you get better res I guess cause TV's suck...).

I dono if there's one for Nintendo...

or if it were TV I'd just go for the S-Video input

if your vid card supports it...

You could probly hook it up through a VCR if you wanted

and go VCR to S-Video on you Vid Card...

But since you've got that TV card I'd

just give that a try... let me know how it goes...

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