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Turion 64x2 Vs. Centrino Duo

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2 identical laptops with 3 major differences:

--Centrino Duo T2300 (1.66ghz) Vs. Turion 64x2 1.6ghz

--1gb Ram Vs. 2gb Ram

--Geforce Go 7400 (512mb) Vs. Geforce Go 7200 (256mb)


__Both use the same battery, I'm wondering which will have better battery life (I have the video card clocked down for max battery life when running off the battery, this is automatic)


__Also, will an extra gig of RAM help balance out the Video cards? I know the one with the 7400 will run games pretty well (BF2 on medium settings), will downgrading to a 7200 take this away?


__Assume the price is the same


I googled this, but only found one review and it wasnt a very well done review. (CNET, only test was 3dmark)

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Well in my opinion if it was for general Laptop Multitasking, i would have gone with the one that had Centrino Duo because from my experience that they are the faster processors from multitasking for Desktop-based stuff not really a games thing


But on the gaming side i would go with AMD which isn't a major suprise really but I have never used a Turion 64 the best I have used is a Sempron 64=P. Intel's Core 2 Duo will beat everything.


This is just my opinion by the way but the RAM probably wont effect your Video Card unless it has TuboCache cos that does sometimes dig into your Laptop's Main Memory and make the game slightly slower.

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Intel's Core 2 Duo will beat everything.



True but the laptop he is talking about has a core duo cpu not a core 2 duo. Personally Id go with core duo just because with my use of a laptop I wouldnt come close to needing two gigs and the 7400 would be decent. Honestly I think you should go with whichevers cheaper.

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