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What's Your Storage Space



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  1. 1. Total storage space

    • <10 Gb
    • 10 Gb - 40 Gb
    • 40 Gb - 80 Gb
    • 80 Gb - 160 Gb
    • 160 Gb - 250 Gb
    • 500 Gb -750 Gb
    • 750 Gb - 1 Tb
    • 1 Tb - 5 Tb
    • >5 Tb (WOW!)
    • 251gb - 499gb

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what i realized is that no matter how much space i had i would find a way to fill it up.

When i moved from my p3 with <10Gb of storage to my P4 i thought i would never ever run out of space because i was kinda used t ojuggling my limited amount of space. Pretty soon added 120 Gb drive and thought that would be enough. BULLOCKS!!. I've menaged to fill up all my itnernal hd's to almost breaking point (i have over 40 Gb of music not counting video clips) i can't even begin to count how many Gb of games i have 9for example i currently have 5 perhaps 6 installs of Rome Total War (6*3Gb=18 Gb of Total War!!!!). I do so bad of a job at managing my disk space that my 250 gb hd is at, hold on checking 47% capacity, and i've only recently gotten an internet connection.

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current main rig 40 + 180

new rig to lazy to finish building 3x160 1x250 and maybe the 180 or a spare 40 that i have

secondary rig 15gb

3rd and 4th rigs each sport a 40gb

media rig has an 80gb


looks like right around 995gb all told but i may also increase a few of my drives sizes shortly

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