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I dunno what but something in my other topic got me started no this and as not to corrupt the initial purpose of that post i'll be starting a new topic.


We all have memories of our great gaming feats, of better times, times of great enjoyment and delight and much enemy blood spliiled. Here you can share such experiences with the world so that others may know and realize that they are good.


So i hereby invoke the memory of my first day of computer's lab in highschool.


The curriculum required us to do 2 months of computers 101: what he hardware components were how they fitted together and all that stuff that a 3 year old knows, this all went against common sense as most of us had to pass an exam to get into the programming course. Yet the currriculum was written by 60 year old decrepid ex commy teachers and so we had to do. But our teacher, god bless her soul (and may satan forever torment her body for the F's and G's and detention she so liberally gave away) decided she would have none of it. She just left us alone in the lab with computers running to test our computing prowess. And we did mot fail for it took all the ~30 of us scarcely 5 minutes to start a MOHAA free for all.


And so did we all plunge head firts into the melee, shooting and blasting to great show but little effect. The world of Southern France was very dangerous indeed with all sorts of projectiles and missiles filling the air and in this mayhem a few players stood out of the crowd: Assasin, Eissen Kross, Gold Dragon, Ice, Kommodore, Megadeth , Phantom, Slayer and Zonerfor they were the only ones killing more of the enemy more of themselves, although latter on other players would distinguish themselves. Rather soon the power of the bazooka was discovered for it offered great killing range and denied the enemy victory by way of suicide, although later on we would consider this weapon as a gun.


Yet inspite of the carnage and great joy something seemed wrong. Every player showed hostile intent to whaterver moving pixel he saw but some players shared the same standard and uniform. Then i had a great ideea: why don't we team up and try to destroy the enemy this way, you see we were all noobs and did not know the difference between free for all and team based. A few players answered my call and pretty soon i was being closely followed by five other would be team mates. This great gathering of players soon atracted attention for inspite of my strict orders to separate the dweebs stuck to my backside like glue, the Slayer was quick to smite us with his RPG. Despite this initial failure the damage was already done, team play had arrived. Pretty soon americans were shooting at and being shot at germans in the ruins of Stalingrad.


ANd a great game that was. Both sides were desperately holding on to a building on oposing sides of the square while trying to evict the other side from the oposing builfing. Little did they know that just firing on a bulding was not sufficient to drive the enemy away. Tried to remedy the situation but since the Slayer incident all my authority was gone. Such was the situation when i and my faithfull STG43 went to assault the enemy position, and did so quite succesfully. The fools were not expecting infiltration and were happy to train their guns at the windows leaving the doors unattended. It gave me great pleasure to clear every single room of the enemy until i was smitten by respawning and very angry players.


If more is demanded i will oblige as there are many great memories from my days of playing such games but for now i am off to lunch.

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