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Overclocking Essential Software

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Dr_Frankensteins Essential Overclocking and Benchmark Software Guide

Updated 03/02/07 @ 10.45 GMT

$ = May Have to pay to unlock full version




3DMark 2001 - Here $

3DMark 2003 - Here $

3DMark 2005 - Here $

3DMark 2006 - Here $

PCMark 2005 - Here $

Aquamark 3 - Here

SiSoft Sandra - Here $

Super PI - Here

FRAPS - Here $


Realworld Game Benchmarks


Battlefield 2 - Here

Half-Life 2 - Here

Company Of Heroes - Here

NFSMW - Here

NFSC - Here

Prey Demo - Here

F.E.A.R Demo - Here


Overclocking Graphics Cards


Rivatuner - Here

ATI Tool - Here

Coolbits 2.0 - Here

Powerstrip - Here $


Overclocking CPU's


Clockgen - Here

A64MemFreq11 - Here


System Monitoring/System Info


CPU-Z - Here

GPU-Z - Here

Speedfan - Here

MBM - Here

A64 TCaseMax - Here

Central Brain ID - Here (AMD Only)

Everest - Here $

ITE SmartGuardian - Here (For DFI)

Core Temp - Here (Intel Core2Duo)

Intel Thermal Analysis Tool - Here (Intel Core2Duo)


Memory Tweaking/Testing


Memtest86 - Here

Memtest86+ - Here

A64Tweaker - Here


Stress Testing


Prime95 - Here

SP2004 - Here

Orthos - Here (Dual Core SP2004)

OCCT - Here


FurRenderingBenchmark (For Gfx) Here




Creative YouP-Pax Drivers - Here Choose the server from list

Creative Kx - Here

Nvidia - Here

Omega drivers - Here

ATI/AMD - Here


Hard Drive Tools


HD Tune - Here

HdTach - Here


Hacks/Misc Software

Kellys Korner - Here (Reg Fixes If You Break Something)

WSGFWiki - Here (Widescreen Gaming Hacks)

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A64Tweaker doesn't overclock your cpu, it changes memory timings


should RTHDRIBL be under OCing Graphics Cards as an artifact tester rather than a benchmark? does RTHDRIBL have a benchmark? :huh:


you should link to Memtest86+ as well: http://www.memtest.org/


memtest86+ is based on memtest86 but doesn't require a linux boot cd/floppy to run... you can run it in pure dos on a usb drive for example, along with all your bios flash utilities (that's what i do anyway)


so put Memtest86 (linux boot cd/floppy) and Memtest86+ (advanced, pure dos)


memtest86+ is way more up to date than memtest86 and has more cpu/ram support, and you can do stuff like change memory timings on the fly!

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well, if frankenstein is willing to keep on top of this with a bit of help from a mod, could this be a sticky? or something?


if everyone pitches in like with jammins PSU list before it was erased, we could be looking at a decent but brief reference for people looking

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Realworld Game Benchmarks


Battlefield 2 - Here

BF2 Benchmark link is broken.




Just a little opps, the fix (incase you dont see it bc it's so simple):



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ok... this is a bit of a leap, but you can tweak the ASIO latency from crap to near-zero... so it's more of a timing tweak than overclocking as such...


the kX drivers *may* offer higher system performance as there isn't any bloatware like the standard creative drivers (i've never bothered to test this to prove/disprove it but it's something that might have an effect)

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