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Nvidia 23.11 drivers not happy with more than xp

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Let me know what you exerince you have had with your computer using the new drivers on diffrent OS then XP, and even running xp.


News From Dean Barker @ OverClockerCafe

"Seems that there has been a lot of talk about these drivers causing problems with Win XP.  Just wanted to pass along that we tried to run them with two different Win 2K boxes and had a myriad of problems until we swapped them out with the Detonator 21.83.  We were able to run the 23.10s without difficulties.  But the 23.11 sunk us every time.  Even after a complete format to be certain of the cause.  We have posted up the system specs for both boxes (both Via chipsets - a KT266 and a KT266A) on our front page.  I don

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