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Grub Error 22

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I dual boot Windows XP and Ubuntu Dapper. Recently I realized I needed more space on Ubuntu's partition so I decided to use the GPARTED LiveCD to repartition my Hard Disk. After I completed this everything worked fine. Here's a low tech diagram of my HDD at this point:


Windows --- Unallocated Space --- Ubuntu


Since GPARTED can only expand a partition to the right I had to copy the Ubuntu partition and paste it into the Unallocated Space:


Windows --- Ubuntu copy --- Ubuntu


Then I deleted the Original Ubuntu partition and expanded the Ubuntu copy to fill the rest of the HDD:

Windows --- Ubuntu copy


Everything appeared to be normal until I rebooted: I get a GRUB Error 22 in the boot process. ](*,)


Any help would be greatly appreciated as I can't boot either one of my Operating System's at the moment.

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I did some digging around,


seems the only suggestion offered was to use windows recovery and the fixmbr command.


Edit: and holy crap this is an old post.

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