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Origin Of Band Names


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The information posted for Godsmack is incorrect.


While it is the name of an Allice In Chains song, it is not how the ban came up with their name...


According to Sully in a 1999 interview, he was making fun of the drummer one day during rehearsal because of a cold sore he had... the next day Sully came in with a cold sore. The guitar player said "See, God just smacked you for making fun of him."

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Couple for the list... could have more details though I guess.


Kalmah - Karelian for "to the grave" or "to the death," fitting for the death metal band. Karelian is an arguable form of Finnish. The band originated in Finland. 'Nuff said.


Mors Principium Est - Latin for "Death is the beginning," again fitting for a death metal band?


Epica - Inspired by the Kamelot album of the same name, originally was named Sahara Dust.


Led Zeppelin - Taken from a quote from a band member before one of their first perfomances: "This will sink like a lead zeppelin."


Nile - Based off of the river in Egypt and the significance of it to the Ancient Egyptian society. Nile's founder, Karl Sanders, has a heavy interest in Egyptology, and many of their songs are based off of ancient scripts or events.


Most of that is off the top of my head with a bit of wikipedia research.

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