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3DMark06 Scores

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No link Just a screen shot cuz there was no way i was putting it up on the orb before the review was done but 3.6 on the CPU and a decent OC on the card a 9800GX2 from XFX.




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Hi. First post here, but I've been following the site for quite a while. Love my new system. Lots of room for tweaking. Anyway my most recent score in 3D06 is 13, 126. Seems decent from what I've seen on this and other sites. However, I'm just using the basic free edition of 3D06 which obviously limits your options for testing. Do most of you use the full version? Does it make a difference? I'm not sure the free version lets you post a url. I'll try to take a screenshot next time I run it.

BTW I'm running Vista 64 (I'll add it to my sig).



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My new best


H20 coming soon....Im wondering how high I can take this E8400

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Not sure if it was the New Nvidia drivers I installed last nite, the hours I spent tweaking the cards or the Vdroop Pencil mod I did on my evga 680i , but I was able to get from

mid 16,000's in 3dMark 06 to :rolleyes: 18,447... :rolleyes: !!!! everything, stable no artifacts, and all games playing like never before...

By far the Pencil Mod has to be the best bang for the buck mod out there!!! was able to get volts down which equaled 15 degree drop in my load temps!!!



Pencil mod link 1

I used a regular # 2 b pencil


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System Specs in signature. Score is 8621 was 4300 with old x1950 pro so over 100% increase in score. could push to 10000 with overclock


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I just started doing some clean up and I'm tempted to dumpt this whole thread.....




Follow the Thread Guidlines.....


there are a few people that are Chronic and are about to get warns,,,,



Thread Guidelines....



1- One post per person in this thread. - If you upgrade or get a different benchmark, edit your post.

2- This is for 3D Mark 2006 scores only.

3- If you wish to discuss a system, score, etc start a new thread.

4- Please try to include your systems specs as well if they are not listed in your signature.

5- Also, if you want your scores taken seriously you must include a compare url.




Thank you

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