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Question About New Hard Drive

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well i got a new hd last night to add to my computer i have a 160gig sata and a 320gig sata both western digital. the new on is also a 320gig sata wd drive that i tried to install last night. the 160 is in sata1 320 in sata2 and the new on pluged into sata3. i formated the new drive and went into the bios to see if it found the new drive and it didnt. i restarted and let it boot up on main boot screen it shows



it has two spaces like its trying to find more ide divices





it loads past this and some other stuff the goes to the raid setup were you can hit f4 to enter or do nothing and it will go on to load windows. at that screen it shows a 320gig hd with a 0 next to it. does this mean that drive is in raid 0 with one of my other drives. i let window load and it shows up as a third hd that i can put stuff on.



thanks for any help new drive is going in same rig as sig

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if it was in Raid-0 you wouldn't see it separately in Windows. I can't quite comment on the "0" during bios as I don't know what is displayed exactly (every bios is different), but it sounds like it's running just fine (assuming you wanted it as a separate harddrive, which it sounds like you do).

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