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Inside my locked case that is. Hopefully I can find a key to it this week incase anyone wants pics :P


I am just seeing if anyone in the community would be interested in a

----blue 2000 dark angel w/ intellefeed and hopper (paid $1600 low shot count) asking $600

----smart parts 3000 psi 64ci low pressure tank (just sent off for its checkup) $700 w/ angel

----1999 bob long defiant (1 of 15 in it's color I believe) (pics would be helpful) $150

----I believe 1998 autococker with low pressure reg and 14" dye stainless steel barrel (needs trigger work but it does shoot fine in working order) $60 w/ barrel

----redz 5 pack harness with tubes $25

----JT blue flex mask w/ fan $25



And a bunch of other stuff :P


Basically I just need some money for college and seeing as how I don't play paintball anymore this is best.


Like I said if i can find the key I'll post pics asap

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