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New Case Project

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well im starting a new case project for a new computer. all of you wondering if im going to finish the xbox ps2 case i am, i pulled everything out last night and started getting it ready for the weekend. but the new case is going to be a lian li v1200b+ case. i will be moving most of the water cooling system over to the new computer and here is a layout of what i would like to do.


dont make to much fun of my mad paint shop skills.


so as you can see nothing is to scale. case will be blowing air from front to back. on the side im going to mount the radiator with a snorkel device sucking air through the rad and blowing it out the top. the snorkel im thinking of making it out of fiberglass. and at the top there is a little intake to suck all the hot air out of the top of my case. as for the radiator i dont know if i want to go with a single 120mm or a duel 120mm radiator and the top exost fan i might use a 80mm ventec tornadow since i have 10 of them laying around from my first case i had.


well what do you guys think. any other things i should do to it

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well i havent started it yet im just putting ideas together right now but that is the case i will be using. im kind of brain storming on how to blow air up behind the mobo and onto the back of the processor

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