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Xenix Bbt, Partition Magic 8.0


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I've tried to merge 2 FAT32 partitions on my hdd using Partition Magic 8.0. One partition was empty and the other had arround 35GB of data on it.

At a certain moment it seemed that the computer frozen so I and reboot with PM disks and then got this message: "The partition was marked with a recoverable partition indicator, so your operating system cannot access it and cause corruption. This partition and all of it's data can be safely recovered. Would you like to recover the partition now?".

I let it do the job and after 12 hours I got myself with a "Xenix BBT" partition (according to PM 8.0). WindowsXP sees this as a healthy, FAT32 partition but it doesn't assign a drive letter. It even knows the ammount of data on it but unfortunately it won't let me access it.

I used ptedit from PM 8.0 and changed the hex value of this Xenix BBT to that corresponding to FAT32 partitions. In this case Windows gives the letter to the partition but says it is not formatted and shows me it's empty.

Any idea on what I might try?



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