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What Are Your Favorite Songs?

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Die M***** ******* Die - Geto boys


yeah, the one from office space when samir is smashing the printer.


oh and blinded by the light.. can't remember the name of the band, too tired to open up itunes.

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this is more like a band list, i can't remember individual songs right now


Soilwork for me, although most of my friends think it sucks

and let's not forget Slipnkot, the oldies (Slipknot has been slipping up lately)


and maybe something classic like Iron maiden or mettalica


Dyers Eye and Battery are favorite


and crematory, darkseed, napalm death......... yeah death metal, you get the picture


the list shall be expanded soon

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Randy Travis- Hard Rock Bottom of Your heart

Randy Travis- Forever and Ever Amen

Dave Mason- We Just Disagree

Eric Clatpon- Layla

Kenny Rogers- The Gambler

Clint Black- Leaving Here a Better Man

Anything Alison Krauss

Billy Joel- Piano Man

Conway Twitty- Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man

Dire Straits- Sultans of Swing

Elvis- Suspicious Minds

Allman Brothers- Jessica

Jefferson Airplane- Somebody to Love

Jimi Hendrix- Purple Haze

Jimi Hendrix- Voodoo Child

Jimmy Buffett- Margaritaville

Lynyrd Skynyrd- Simple Man (and of course Sweet Home Alabama)

Michael W Smith- Place in This World

REO Speedwagon- Keep on Loving You

Ricky Skaggs- Simple Life

Roy Orbison- Only the Lonely

D*a*m*n Yankees- Can You Take me High Enough

Highwaymen- Highwayman

America- Horse With No Name

IZ- Over the Rainbow

Keith Whitley- When you Say Nothing at All

Metallica- Enter Sandman

Porter Wagner- Hello Vietnam

Sammy Kershaw- Queen of my Doublewide Trailer


^^^ That's what's on a redneck's iPod :)

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ummm :blink: ....


slipknot: my plauge

slipknot: the nameless

slipknot: wait and bleed

slipknot: duality

mushroomhead: sun doesnt rise

crossfade: cold *normal and acoustic*

crossfade: colors

led zepplin: stairway to heaven

metalica: st. anger

metaica: enter sandman


ah ill add more later brothers . me off <_< (he just sits around screaming cuss words at his ps2 ... can hear him over my head phones)

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As I Lay Dying- Confined

Norma Jean- Memphis will be laid to waist

Slipknot- People = ****

Fear Before the march of flames- In the Shallows

A life once lost- Vulture

Edited by Mr.Who?

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Rise Against - Give It All

Rise Against - Life Less Frightening

Rise Against - Blood Red, White, and Blue

Rise Against - Blackmaskes and Gasoline

Rise Against - Generation Lost

Rise Against - Great Awakening

NOFX - American Errorist

NOFX - Franco UnAmerican

NOFX - The Idiots are Taking Over

NOFX - The Separation of Church and Skate

Anti-Flag - Confused Youth

Anti-Flag - Indie Sucks, Emo Sucks

Anti-Flag - Cultural Revolution

Anti-Flag - Operation Iraq Liberation Oil

Pennywise - God Save the USA

Strike Anywhere - To The World

Strung Out - No Voice of Mine

GraveWorm - Losing My Religion


Here are some of my favorites. Mostly Political Punk Bands.

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HORSE the band - Cutsman

HORSE the band - Rusty Glove

Children of Bodom - Living Dead Beat

Coldplay - clocks

The Vandals - An Idea for a Movie

The Strokes - Automatic Stop

Rush - 2112

Rush - Spirit of Radio

Rush - A Passage to Bangkok

Rob Zombie - Superbeast

Powerman 5000 - Danger is Go

Panic! at the Disco - Time to Dance

Dead Kennedys - The Man With The Dogs

Dead Kennedys - Saturday Night Holocaust

The Bravery - No Brakes

Beck - Emergency Exit

Alien Ant Farm - Wish

Black Label Society - Doomsday Jesus

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