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do you have somewhere to put surround speakers?


Too many times have I seen people buy surround systems only to find that they are too lazy to mount the speakers to the wall or they dont have furniture to put them on or the cables get in the way so they just have 5 speakers on their desk...so sad.


Nice thing about logitechs is that they have built in wall mounts.




It's got a little character doesnt it?


EDIT: Just read a Review on the CC website, and those creatives have a "wall mountable design" so you might be in luck, but they wont look like little black alien heads sticking out of the wall :lol:


looks like you can get them for $64 shipped at newegg.



BEWARE: Newegg reviews indicate that the satellite connections fail and the system is sensitive to interference, one even recommended logitech over these things :ph34r:

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the speaker wires on any 5.1 set i have seen are far far too short to actually mount behind you unless your PC room is the bathroom or a closet, besides, i run my wires through the walls/attic space so they aren't hanging around everywhere


i would stay away from Logitech to be honest, they aren't bad, but they are not as good as many people make them out to be, the Z-5300's did not impress me for the sticker price


i have compared several kinds side by side, and to be honest, for the price, clarity, quality, etc.....i was most impressed by these




thats what i just bought, the sound is much more defined and clear than even the $300 Logitech systems

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