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Updating My Computer. Crossfire? Cl? Opteron?


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I got a x800 gto for christmas and my mother board is an msi kt4v. So basicly I need a new motherboard for my christmas present. To help with this I also got $100.01 credit at pcclub.


So I started looking around on the internet and find this thing called SLI (I have read enough to get basicly what it does) and crossfire. Now, I am partial to ati and amd so I would like to stay with these two companies. Before I consider a crossfire mobo though I am curious, do you need a dvi monitor to use crossfire with an x800 gto? All the pictures I have seen use DVI. I got an lcd screen for my birthday this year (two days before christmas) that is the standard 15 pin and I don't want to try and trade it in.


Seperate from that, what brand of motherboard should I look at? I don't need sata as I only have ide drives, I don't need raid, I do need something that will last me awhile. I read the tomshardware crossfire article and both the asus and dfi look good. These would only be good if I could use the crossfire setup, other than that I have no idea where to start. Chipset could be nvidia if I don't do crossfire.


For processors I don't know if I want athlon 64 or opteron or what. I was told that they stopped manufacturing non 64 mit models months ago is this true? I don't want to spend $300 on the processor alone but $200 is ok. What is the best buy for the $150-250 range? Which "model" (san diego, venice...)?


While I was at the store I looked at the ram a little. They had a pair of 512 pc3200 cl2-3-2-5 patriot for $140 or individual corsair 512 pc3200 cl2-3-3-7-t1 for $80 each. I am not familiar with cl rating but I know that cl3 is "slow", 2 is fast, the rest I am clueless on, so would spending the extra for the corsair be worth it?



I completely forgot about cooling. I am also looking into watercooling. I know a I work at a plumbing company so I should be able to get some expert help on actually plumbing the thing. Could probably solder whatever I need very easily. My questions on this are: Should I see if I can get the chevette heater core from a junk yard and solder the connections on myself (which I can probably get for less than retail, lot of savings there :ph34r: ) or should I just buy a radiator? Shoud I bother with the chipset and gpu coolers (ram coolers maybe, do they have ram water blocks) or just stick with the cpu cooler? Should get a water block with one inlet one outlet or one with two outlets and split them up to the gpu and chipset (a parallel system vs an inline).

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