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Norton Ghost 2003/10


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Okay, this post could belong in several forums 'cause I'm having issues everywhere. First off, I tried installing Norton Ghost 10. It gets to the first window after it configures windows installer and then freezes. I rebooted several times with no luck. Then I ran a virus search and only came up with two adware fires. i deleted them and tried again. Still no luck. So I tried installing Ghost 2003. It seemed kinda fishy but it looked like it worked. I went to clone my hardrive onto an external. I got a message to let Ghost rename my drives and I did. Then it said that it was going to shutdown the computer and restart. Well, it shuts down...but when It restarts I get a message after my mem check saying "Operating system not found." I verified that my bios still recognized my drive. I tried reinstalling windows but it says that the partition is not valid, blah blah blah, format drive to continue, I also ended up with a D: drive in the installation choices that I didn't even have plugged in. Basically. I want to know what's up with Norton ghost, and is there anyway to recover my files so I can get my computer running and hook up my sata drive?

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