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I just looked in my email box to find that someone has sent me a private message.


I was thinking that it's probably inquiring about my 9800pro i have for sale, but instead it's from bishop with the topic of "learn to pay attention".


so, i'm like great. ANOTHER warning from bishop. at this point i had no idea what i could have done. so i click this message to figure out what i "had" done.


and something about:


It is Christmas so I am being nice and just raising your warning for helping to bring back a year dead topic


so, i'm like WHAT the hell have i done now, so i look at my recent posts. i looked at all the topics i was unsure about, and found my "Story Thread" from a while back.


link here. click.


i'm sure you've all posted there. at first i think, crap, i looked at the date and must have thought it was 2004 and not 2005. but, i look in the thread, and i see that indeed the last post was from earlier that day. so, i look further up and find out that indeed, 7 posts infront of mine, the thread was revived after nearly 10 months.





now my main question is, would you HONESTLY look 5+ posts infront of you for fear that you "might" get warned for bringing back an old topic? err, "helping" to bring back an old topic?


me: i honestly don't CARE that this has happened, i'm just amazed at this message...i thought bishop was a pretty cool guy. however i'm sure he is, but i don't know what i've done to make him SOO upset about this :thumbs-up:



thanks for yer time =) i love this place

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