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Was the holiday a good one  

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christmas day was good, so was thursday when i spent the day with my parents... i got much more than i wanted/expected and am really grateful... but i have to work schnarf-schnarf tomorrow (26th) and i worked yesterday (24th) so it'd just one schnarf-schnarf day off...


this is the last retail job i work ever...

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Mine was good, but I am Jewish, so I didn't have to deal with family.


Christmas Eve - Watched some rented movies/movies on HBO with my parents, eating chinese food my mom made, such as:

-Monty Python's The Life of Brian (for christmas)

-An episode of Arrested Development



And then watched south park


Christmas Day - Woke up 8:30-ish and went on the computer. I finished filing some theft reports with AmEx. I spent the morning watching christmas movies like Jesus of Nazareth, A Christmas Story, and A Very Brady Christmas. Around noon, we were hungry, so we drove around until we found the first decent open restaurant, which happened to be our favorite combination Japanese/Chinese/Thai restarant. Upon returning home, I just surfed the web/forums and then decided to perform wire management. I had gotten a little bit done when I was called down for Hannukah. I received my gifts (see other thread), said the prayers, and then my family and my sister's boyfriend ate tons of Latkes and Grape Blintzes (yum). I did a little bit more wire management, and then we went to the totally packed movie theater and saw The Producers. When we got out, it was pouring. Luckily, when we got home, the basement wasn't flooded because on Friday, we reinforced our window wells. I finished my wire management (took a LONG time) and started typing this :P.

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