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Can Someone Explain To Me About Agp And Pci Ex.

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I've been looking at 7800 gt's for my computer...now...my uncle explained to me that i can't use those, because they are all PCI express, and i have an agp.

i really dont understand.

im trying to play everquest 2, bf 2, and aoe 3.

now im looking at AGP cards,and they look like crap.

is there a way for me to switch my computer to PCI EXPRESS?

i dont really even understand the difference between the 2. and this sucks.

PLEASE HELP ME!! :(:(:(:(

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whats your current setup? Sometimes the cpu will support a pci-e mobo so you COULD change out mobos for pci-e


Lol u quoted silence from that heatsink thread... :blink:


There are plenty of agp cards capable of playing all thsoe games flawlessly. First though we need a lot more info on your system. Prebuilt or made by your uncle? Cpu? Case?


Once we get a bit more info we can start to help ya :)


**edit** ...and no, the x850xtpe is the fastest agp card ;) **edit**

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well...i bought my computer out of compusa...::ashamed::

i have a 5200xt agp 8x 128 ddr

1 gig of ram

the case is just some hp case.

Athlon 3400  64 processor



do you know if its sckt 754? or socket 939?

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