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Antec Performance Ii Mods

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This is an antec performance II case, and i decided to mod it. i put a very smooth and round hole in the front door, with aluminum grill behind it. i gave the stock case badge a custom paint job, and the hues differ from the viewing angle. i modified the 3.5" floppy bays, read below (still a work in progress). there is one green laser led shining down on the 5.25" bays. more to come is a sidepanel window, some electrical tweaking, etc... tell me what you guys think so far :P !



This is the case so far, camera flash on. i know the case looks dirty, but its not scratched one tiny bit, just dusty.


This is a green laser led installed with a piece of frosted plexi over it to diffuse the light the way i want it to.


Showing off the gloss of the custom painted case badge.


The rig just chillin


The green glow...


Darkness, flash off.


Door open, custom 3.5" bays mod, not finished. the hole is for a switch that will control the lights, and i will put some green uv plexi behind that grill and light it up. still a work in progress. on the inside of the door i padded it with a piece of a mouse pad, thats also temporary.


I know you all like to see the guts, heres my wire management so far. system specs in sig.


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thanks! theres a lot more to come, i will keep you guys updated. oh and btw, yes you can do it if you take your time and never rush. that hole was made with a dremel, metal files and emery cloth sandpaper (because it takes off more than normal sandpaper). this shows its possible to make a perfect cirle with a dremel, without using any circle saws or the like. also that case badge doesnt look light at all like it does in the pics with flash, its pretty dark (a bit darker than in the pic when im holding a light to it) and fits in with the whole case.


this is how it all looks put together:

i will have to mod my printer, joystick, wacom tablet and everything else to fit the black/silver theme of everything there.




tell me what you think guys and any suggestions you might have!

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Your wires look pretty good, but there are two major things you can fix


Firstly there is the SATA cable, dont just let it hang there, tuck it behind the drive bay


Then there is the ribbon cable wrapped around the cable fer the USB, I can't really tell where it goes or where it came from, but it looks pretty ghetto like that, try to fold it up and tuck it under the mobo or alon gthe botton of the case




Make sure your wires looklike they have a direction and cut back on the excessive slack also get rid of that spirly plastic stuff.

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good ideas, ill try both of them. the ribbon cable belings to the same pci card as the one its wrapped around. i tihnk i just might disconect it. its my game port for my joistick, i dont use it much anyways. i will also buy a usb joystick. i will defenetly work on the sata cable. note that this wire management took me 1h and i rushed because i did it right before i moved in a new house, when i was packing everything up.

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