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Monitor Painting Success

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Just wanted to show off my freshly painted monitor to you guys. I skimmed through denacopoleiz guide to his monitor paint job and decided to do this as well. I painted it to match my case.


Here is how it looked before, not the exact monitor but same brand and color, I forgot to take a pic before I started.



Here are a couple after shots:



I wish the pictures showed up better, I am really proud of how it turned out.

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I used Krylon spray paint, actually the same brand I believe denacopoliez used in his thread about monitor painting. It took me 1.5 cans of gloss black and 1 can of clear coat. Approximate cost of $10.


As far as tips go, they would be about the same as in the aformentioned guide:


1. Be very careful with the monitor, it is delicate and there are parts in there that can kill you.

2. Several thin coats is much nicer than a couple thick coats. You will appreciate the exercise in patience.

3. Take time to enjoy what you are doing, have fun!

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I would get some fine sandpaper and sand it down a little, and then put one more little coat on it. The last pic makes it look like it is not smooth.



Like I said, I wish the pictures came out better. It is very smooth, the only texturing is the result of the monitor case itself.


Nice job, only thing I dont like is the shine to it.  But your paint job is fantastic.



Thank you. It really doesn't look as shiny as the flash makes it look. The black is just so dark that the only shinyness you can see is a bit of a gleam in the corners or side.


I thought about doing a matte finish, but then I thought about fingerprints and how difficult it is to clean a matte finish, so I decided to go with a gloss finish.

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