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Pcp&c, 510 Turbo Deluxxxx

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This Christmas I'm overhauling my computer with a WC set-up and a new power supply. The WC'ing is sitting on my work-bench, waiting to be put it. But I have a question about my power supply.


Right now I'm running:


Intel P4 3.4

ATI 800XL 256

2x512 Corsair XMS

SB Audigy 2ZS

DVD burner, etc.


I'm looking at the 510 Turbo Cool Delux, but I was wondering if I should just go ahead and buy the Turbo Cool 510 SLi. Its not a big decision, but everything seems to be going the way of SLi, and it would be stupid to have to turn around and drop another 200 on a PSU in 6 months.


Not really a life or death decision.


I know everyone loves PCP&C, and they make the "OMG BEST PSUzzz EV4RRR" :D .. but does anyone have personal experience with either model? Any problems?

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I got one to see what they were all about and wanted to use my Antec for another rig..


my voltages are alot better, but my system still feels the same..


a decent PSU is a good thing, but it's a personal choice.. if i had to do it over again i might have spent the extra elsewhere.

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My current PSU scares me, and I'm afraid to mess around with voltage on anything.


The extra 100 bucks really doesn't bother me, I don't have much I could spent it on, short of saving it for a new video card. What kind of Antec PSU do you have on your other rig?

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i think mine arrived today (sli version), i'll have to check reception and let you know...


Antec Neopower 480W -> PCP&C 510 SLI/Express


also my dad is bringing over a 170 opteron today... that's why i upgraded my psu, because the power consumption of an oc'd dual core is quite substantial...


also, the way pcp&c rate their psu's it's more like a 650W psu apparently...


edit: yes! it arrived... and so did my swiftech rad barbs! :)

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