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Kde Won't Start

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I'm tryig to install overclockix 3.7 to HD on yet another folding rig. I believe teh rig has 128 mb ram. When runnig from CD, @ the begining of KDE setuop I get an an error that says that /home could not be created because there is not enough disk space. As a result KDE won't start. I don't have any desktop icons. All I get is a terminal window. I've launched qtparted and created a 5 gig ext3 partition and a 1 gig swap partition. After creating the partitions and rebooting I still get the same errors. What I need is to launch the install to HD script from command line. I don't remember where it is located or what it is called.



Any help would be great, Thanks

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erm... If you know anything about the command line, checking out the info here: might help you


Creating Partitions and filesystems


Or most likely, this one:


Creating Users


In the second one, it creates a user, with or without a hime directory with the name of lfs, just change the group and user names to whatever you want. That should help.http:

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