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Worst Pure Pwnage Ripoff Ever..

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haha no way, man that's funny... explains a lot... dude's like 7 years old haha



dear lord! its just such a shame the thread is closed...this guy sounds like a complete muppet


"very interesting...most peoples room temperatures are around 70....thats amazing.."


"the opteron seems to be a good overclocker...but i am not saying anything because i dont own one"


"hard-nig is 2937mhz. lets give a hand to hard-nig" :lol:


"heres my question: where has the folding contest gone?... like getting 500 points for a few tictacs"


"kaminsky badger...im suprised you;re going '939'...i never thought you would...good job...good job"


"you know what i say...?" too bloomin right i do....be quiet!!



god, i must stop now! :D

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