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I just got my new case today (Lian Li pc-73 sl) and im going to port over all my components as well as my watercooling, which is where the problem lies. My current watercooling setup in my existing case is a HW labs dual 120mm rad, cpu and gpu water blocks and a pump (duh) and res. The rad is mounted to the top of the case. Now, my pump and rad are 1/2 inch fittings but my water blocks are 3/8th inch, so in my current setup I split the 1/2inch tube coming from the pump into 2 3/8th inch going to the gpu and cpu which rejoins just before the rad.


Now for my new system I have added a Northbridge water block as well. The thing im wondering is if I should do a similar solution as last time and split the feed and go to the cpu and gpu/chipset in parallel or if I should just reduce the tube form 1/2 to 3/8 at the pump and rad and go to each water block in series (one after another)


also I happen to have two extra HW labs 80mm rad's and was wondering if it would be wise to also add them into the system(the case does have room lol) but would the extra pressure drop from 2 extra radiators have more of a negative effect then positive


for reference my watercooling specs are

MCW5000 CPU block

MCW50 GPU block

MCW20 Chipset block

HW Labs black ice extreme 2 rad (dual 120 mm rad)

MCP600 Pump

I also have 2 80mm HW labs black ice micro rads not in use

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