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Need Your Opinions!


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Welp, I am in the market in the near future for a new video card. I was browsing newegg and came across one of their little bundles. an eVGA 7800GT + free eVGA mobo for $379. This is tempting.




Before you guys start with the "BUY DFI N0oB!!!," please keep in mind that the bundled board with this set will not be used as my main board. My main board now is a Lanparty ultra-D. I would simply use this board as a backup. I read some reviews for the board, and it seems pretty darn decent.




Newegg is constantly selling these bundles then running out, then getting them back in stock then selling out again, so I'm in no big hurry. Just looking to see if yall have any better ideas/cards for the money.

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KB turned me on to this one if it helps out any.




Almost identical to the one with the free mobo.


I agree. The $300 card is $70 cheaper and faster in both clocks. It doesn't come with a free board, but saving $70 and getting a better card is well worth it.

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