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Resetting Bios

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The CMOS and BIOS are not the same, However most people refer to the CMOS as the BIOS.


The BIOS is a separate chip then the CMOS.


BIOS= Basic input/out System, the programming on the BIOs is physically burned into the chip.  The only way to change anything on the BIOS is if its EEPROM, you would flash the BIOS.


CMOS= Complementary  Metal Oxide Semi Conductor. The setting in the CMOS can be changed through the CMOS setup.  The CMOS stores data ranging from Boot sequence and time to Memory timmings and CPU frequency.  The CMOS needs a constant voltage to maintain its settings, this is why there is a lithium coin cell battery near it.  This is also why we can clear the CMOS by taking out the battery.  Much older computers actualy had double A batteries to maintain the CMOS  :ph34r: .



Wow :blink: , hum....well, now I know. Thats good to know too. I though that both the BIOS and CMOS kind of did the same thing, but I guess not.

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