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Fan Setup

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ok my fan setup is a 120 in front of case intake and one side and rear fan with out take.... i also got a 90 mounted in the top of my case for cycling air around no intake or out take on the 90...is that a pretty good setup or what should be changed?


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there is no opening at the top the fan is mounted so air inside of the case gets pushed down...and the side and rear are going out... and the front is comming in but i dont think the front fan supplies enough intake..


That is a bad thing. All that is doing is making turbulence and keeping the hot air from rising to the top of the case where it should be expelled. A blowhole up top will benefit you the most.

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i like to use one of these:




I used a plain drill bit, jigsaw, and a piece of plexi to add some originality.






I love modding and am gonna buy another plain case(but bigger - read *huge*) and start from scratch all over again ^_^.


Here is the full case what it looked like stock

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