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Windows Registration File.


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i remember a response to a thread a while back that dealt with this specific question. and i cant find it. but I'm wondering, can i just take the registration file from my main PC and just paste it into the newer PC OS install i just built?


reason is...my raid-0 set is my OS and controlled by Sil software. (i didnt know the disadvantage when i did it...i swear!)


So i built this box to move all the good parts together, and the OS on my raid set i have now was non-transferable....couldnt get it to recognize the array. so i instaleld XP onto a new HD till i get things bakced up enough to take that raid set down, format it and put that in the new/better rig.


so can i do that or am i just better off calling M$ and getting transferred to india to get the new reg. #'s? (i swear thats where i was talking to last time i installed XP)


[EDIT:] nope i cant. searching google says to take 2 files form system32 and copy them over in safemode to the new directory renaming hte old ones too......lots opf people say this....and it dosent work. so i called. talked to a nice sounding girl in india and ogt my #'s. [END]

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