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Silkroad, Free And Way Better Than Wow


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Wow, I am downloading it now and thought I would let the OCC people in on the MMORPG. Than I already see a thread made for it...ivasto is my name (stupid 6 character name minumum)


errr. My character's name is DeadlyMenace. That's 12 characters (which is the limit...I remember because I wanted a space...and also because I wanted to use my other name). I'm on the Xian server, so feel free (any of u) to msg me ingame. :)


Well its dling now... Pritty small for a MMORPG if you ask me thou... It looks alright thou il have to play to find oout for myself :).  Does xfire support it?


no xfire support just yet. go here to voice your support! Silkroad takes up over 1.2gb's, so it's not THAT small. What you're downloading is just the client and when you install it and download a little update, it'll expand. I think the graphics are really good, but there's a lot of clipping.


Why does it keep crashing randomly!! Well, it doesn't crash, it just freezes up.


I've had stuttering...wouldn't call it freezing. I'm usually using azureus though. Outside of town there's usually no problems, but in town it lags like hell...just so many people. Also, I'm guessing the servers are in china, so I'm sure we don't get great pings over here ;)

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lol wondering when this game was gona come to OCC.. good graphics good story keeps you playing but kinda boring lvling wise. had a lvl 12 swordmans/ice in the closed beta but then got to hard to connext to server so i unistalled :) worth trying again?


they opened up a third server, so connection problems shouldn't be as bad.


krazy, i agree about the sucky controls. You don't know how often I've tried to move using wasd and wind up opening all these windows. lol.

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