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When Do I Get My Alien?

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i have about 3000 points now and wanted to know when i was gonna get my lil green aliennext to my dna strand?

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You have to pm LP.

The rules for getting the Alien Head ([email protected] Team)


      1- You must join the OverclockersClub SETI Team.

      2- Your name on the forums AND on the [email protected] team must be the exactly the same name. - It is helpful if your names do not contain any special characters or spaces.

      3- You must complete at least one work unit, you may actually finish more before you are added.

      4- Once LinuXProX notices you are on the team, you will be added to the SETI user group for the forums. At this time, you receive your icon. - No one else can add you, so don't ask.

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