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Problem With Msi Fx 5950

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Hey all, I have an FX5950, just installed it in a PC I built for my folks. Here are the specs.


AthlonXP 2500 Barton

Abit NF7 (non S)

2x256MB Kingston Value RAM

400 watt Fortron PSU


LG CD Burner


Here's my dilema:

I installed WinXP SP2 on the PC, and installed the latest NF2 mobo drivers. The video worked fine from the get go, using window's generic built-in video drivers. I could change to any resolution and any color depth.


Next I installed version 77 of the Geforce drivers. Yea I know it's not current, but I didn't see any reason it wouldn't work. After I rebooted, the resolution was set to 640x480 x16 colors. The display properties gave me other color depths and resolutions to set it to, and even asked for confirmation when I tried to, but it would never come off 640x480 x16 colors.


Then I rolled back the driver to the windows generic version and it worked just fine. So I made sure I removed any evidence of the old geforce drivers, and downloaded the latest version and tried installing it. Same thing. All bioses and drivers are now up to date as well.


Any help would be appreciated.

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