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How Bad Do You Want Your Xbox360?

habitual geek

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someone is paying over $10,000 for one, with no games..........just the premium system you can get at the store for $400




thats just wrong, went from just over $10,000 to over $15,000 since i saw it a few minutes ago!!!


so how much do you say it goes for....place your bets!


i say $25,000


EDIT: okay, thats weird, do a search for "xbox 360" on ebay, and this item shows up on top at $15,099 right now, but when you click on the link it is only at $2,000........maybe someone retracted a bid.....??


okay, looks from what i could tell, to bid over $15,000 someone has to go through some sort of "verification process", it must have placed their bid and then retracted it when they either changed their mind or didn't pass verification...............because there were over 40 bids, and then the number of bids dropped in half to 20 something..........


BAH! high bid just dropped to $920.............i don't understand, unless a bunch of kids are bidding it up and backing out, playing around.........


okay, it just jumped back up to $1,925...........


you guys are gonna have to watch this one, i bet it goes crazy!!!

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All I know is I want one REALLY bad.... EB games thought it was nice enough to bump me and Ghost2520 back to the second shipment of 360's even though we stayed outside for a couple of hours tonight. After staying up late and anticipating this thing so much I have to say that Im EXTREMELY pissed that Microsoft let this happen to their customers, mines been preordered since the end of June/begining of July and I have to wait for the second F'in shipment! :angry2:

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